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100th Anniversary - World War I
        August 4, 1914 - November 11, 1918




 World War-I Timeline                                                            A Telegram from Great Britain Brought Us into WW I

 Historians Still Divided on Who Caused WW I                     William George Barker, Ace Extraordinaire

 Gwynne Dyer: Canada’s Entry Into World War I                  Gwynne Dyer: The Great War in the Air

 Ottawa Marks Great War Anniversary                                  The War to End All Wars

 Diaries Open a Window on First World War                         Remembering Alfred Cake

 Key Canadian Dates in the First World War                         Exhibit Honours Canadians in First World War

 Canada and the First World War                                          Letters From the Front Line

 Canada Forged in the Fires of First World War                   Former Enemies Gather to Mark 100th Anniversary

 ‘Hero or Terrorist?’ Gavrilo Princip                                      Aero Space Museum Honours Heroic Pilots

 Guelph’s Fallen Air Servicemen From WW I                       Humbled Officers Still Wanted to Serve






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