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Raywin Raaflaub's 90th Birthday Celebration 21 August 2020

Raywin's wish was to fly on his birthday...
so we did.... out of Lake Simcoe Regional Airport

Wally Capsticks, Raywin Raaflaub, and Gerry Peppler

Raywin Raaflaub, Mark Tobin and Sherry Tobin-Green

Joep Diening with the C150 to take Raywin Raaflaub on a local flight

 Mark Tobin and Raywin Raaflaub

Joep Diening with friend Bill Byrick taxiing in a C150 to take Raywin Raaflaub for his birthday flight.

Gerry Peppler, Raywin Raaflaub and Wally Capsticks

Joep Diening & Raywin Raaflaub ready for Ray's flight
in Joep's son's C150

Joep and Raywinn..finally airborne

Flying over Orillia - Raywinn's Home Town

Joep Diening & Raywinn Raaflaub at the refuelling point after Ray's flight around the Orillia area

Seeing Orillia from a Different Perspective

Raywin Raaflaub, Gerry Peppler and pilot Joep Diening walking into the terminal after Ray's flight 

Raywin Raaflaub with his 90th Birthday flight certificate after flying around the Orillia area

Bill Byrick, Bill Sergeant, Wally Capsticks, Raywin, Mark and Sherry Tobin Green, Joep Diening, and Gerry Peppler
celebrating Raywinn's 90th Birthday, 19 Aug 2020

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