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Edenvale Aviation Heritage Foundation
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Rusty Engines & Kiddie Planes: RCAF Assoc Volunteers Help Out

By Norm Marion

Inside a hangar at a small airport near the village of Edenvale, Ontario, several people in blue coveralls are busy working on small aircraft and engines, doing whatever it is that aircraft technicians do inside an aircraft hangar. This could be a typical day at any small airport in the country. Except that, in this case, some of the aircraft and engines are older than the people working on them, and the workers are volunteers from the RCAF Association. This group of five or six volunteers belong to 441 (Huronia) Wing and 429 (Georgina) Wing of the RCAFA.


"It all started when a gentleman donated an old aircraft engine to the [Edenvale Classic Aircraft] Foundation," says Murray Conley, a volunteer and member of the Board of Directors at the Foundation. "It came in boxes and boxes of old, rusty, bits and pieces."


The Foundation counted around 9,000 hours of volunteer work last year. At this time the Foundation maintains four serviceable aircraft, and the team of RCAFA volunteers juggles several restoration projects. Anyone interested in joining the team, please contact Murray Conley at (705) 431-5282, email: fayeandmurray Volunteers meet every Thursday to work in the hangar. No experience necessary!

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