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Reunion of Giants - Lancaster Documentary                                    B-24: The Ford Airplane

DC-3 Recovery - Antarctic                                                                F-18 Air Ops - Carrier Enterprise CVA-65*

Russian Jet Fighters - Paris 2014                                                    Imperial War Museum - Cambridgeshire 2014 

1940s Film From US Aircraft Carrier 


On Canadian Wings, published Jul 22, 2014, is a ten episode documentary on the history of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Starting from early 1888, Canadian airmen and machines have been flying in the service of the British and Canadian forces. This series covers the RCAF from the early beginnings to present day. Each episode is around 12 minutes.

1. Canada's First Flights: 1883-1916                                2. Aerial Warfare: 1917-1918 

3. The Birth of a National Air Force: 1919-1939               4. The Aerodrome of Democracy: 1939-1945 

5. Some of the Few: 1939-1945                                       6. Bombs Over Europe: 1939-1945 

7. Fast Times for the Golden Jets: 1946-1958                 8. A Time of Transition: 1959-1974 

9. There Shall Be Wings: 1975-1997                               10. Into the New Millennium: 1998-2008




2010 - 2014


 2009 Edwards AFB Open House                                   A Close Look at the F-35 Helmet 

 Airman's Prayer                                                              B-17 (Old "666") 

 B-36 Flight Engineer Station                                          Battle of Britain Gala Dinner at the RAF Club 

 Birth of a Giant - The CL-28 Argus                                Cameron Airshow 2014 

 Canadian Air Defence                                                    CTV News Story Lethbridge 

 Dambusters Raid                                                           Drone Photography 

 F-15 Combat Training                                                    First Flight of the Avro Arrow

 Flight 1549 - Miracle on the Hudson                              Hawk One

 Hawker Typhoon Documentary                                     Heavy Losses in Bomber Command 

 High-Flying Memento                                                    History of Poland in London

 How WW II Bomber Crews Worked                              Lancaster Memories 

 Laos Rescue                                                                 National Museum of the USAF - Cockpit Virtual Tours 

 Libya Mission Honoured:                                               Night Bombers
 (MSN)  (City TV)  (CTV)  (YouTube) 

 Snowbirds at Cold Lake - 2013                                      RAF Bomber Command Memorial 

 Navy Hymn                                                                    

 RAF Aerodrome - Swift Current, Sask.                          RAF Typhoon - Hop Aboard! 

 RAF Bomber Command Tribute                                    Russian UFO Jet Fighter Planes 2014

 RCAF - New Uniform and Rank Insignia                       Secret Allied Aircraft of WW2  (click each part) (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

 Who Betrayed the Bomber Boys?  

  (click each part)                                                             Secret Cold War Planes of America and Russia 
 (Part 1)  (Part 2)  (Part 3)  (Part 4)


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