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Links   ... of historical interest

 ======> RCAF Then And Now <======

VE-Day: How it Unfolded (CBC) <======

 441 Squadron History  
460 Squadron - Bomber Command: 1942-1945

 6 Bomber Group [1]  6 Bomber Group [2]  An Unimaginable Task

 About Bomber Command 

 Ad Astra Stone Program

 Air Forces Memorial - Runnymede 

 Aircraft of the RCAF

 [Avro Lancaster]        [Handley Page Halifax]        [Short Stirling]        [Vickers Wellington]

 [Avro CF-100 Canuck]        [Canadair F-86 Sabre]           [Canadair CF-104 Starfighter]

 [MD CF-18 Hornet] 

 The Americans In The RCAF

 Air Power and the Battle for Vimy Ridge

 Lancaster pays tribute to the 55,000 Bomber Boys who never returned 

 Battle of Britain - History 

 Battle of Britain - Canadian Wings 

 Bomber Command Memorial 

 Bomber Command - Victoria Cross Recipients 

 Bomber Command Museum - Nanton, AB 

 Borden - Back in the day ... 

 The Nanton Wall  


 RAF Bomber Command Tribute

 The Great War - 1914-1918

 The Hunt for John McLea: the story of a missing Hamilton airman

 Last Call - Avro Lancaster

 Brussels Air Museum

 Canadian Aviation Historical Society 

 D-Day Commemoration – Conneaut, Ohio

 Unique Piece of Canadian Aviation History Unveiled at Alberta Aviation Museum

 Federal Government Honours Canadian Veterans at Alberta Aviation Museum

 Canadian Fighter Pilot & Air Gunner Museum

 Canadian Military History Gateway

 Canadian Starfighter Association

 Canadian Wings

 Canadian Women in WW2

 Classic Aircraft Photography

 Ferry Command - Gander

 Dresden - How Many Died in the Bombing?

 Some Great WW2 Aircraft Photos

 Interactive Map of London Bombing WW2

 'Kilroy' - The True Story 

 Profile of Courage

 Nostalgia - We Got Pictures 

 RAF Bomber Command                 RAF Coastal Command                  RAF Fighter Command

 The Dambusters                  RAF Fighter Command Order of Battle 1940

 Royal Air Force - History

 Royal Canadian Air Force - History

 RCAF Cemetary - Choloy, France

 ======> RCAF Tartan: The world’s first air force tartan <======

 Remembering Remembrance Day  Battle of Vimy Ridge (click on each number)  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]

 Battle of Passchendaele

 Dieppe Raid        Dieppe Vets Return to Dieppe

 Sabre Pilots Association of the Air Division Squadrons (SPAADS)

 Some WW2 Aircraft Facts

 Space Shuttle Cockpit Tour (when window opens, hold left mouse button down and move in any direction to view)

 Spitfire Women of the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA)

 The Memory Project

 Fraser Alexander "Red" Muir

 The Pine Street Boys of Valour Road

 Military Factory - Aircraft

 Vintage Wings of Canada

 War Pigeons

 WWII fighter pilot who flew THROUGH the Eiffel Tower 

 WW2 RAF Photos 

 La Guardia and JFK - Images From 1940 to 2014

 An Historic Account of 1946 Flying Record

 A B17 Miracle - 1943

 Doolittle Raiders - The Final Toast
          (final toast was held Nov 9-11, 2013 at Wright-Patterson AFB)

 Operation PLUTO (Pipe Lines Under The Ocean) - WW2 English Channel Pipeline

 Nothing has changed over the years. There is always a way to get a beer 

 German Second World War bomber raised from English Channel 

 71 Years Later, Missing Plane Found

 A 4th Tunnel at Stalag Luft III

 Hitler's Aircraft Carrier

 Hitler's Stealth Fighter

 If Day - The Nazi Invasion of Winnipeg - 02/19/1942

               [Manitoba Historical Society]  [Wikipedia]  [Rogers Yahoo! News]

 The Devil's Brigade

 Tuskegee Airman Found

 World War II: After the War Photos


Rare 1945 Photos

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