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News Stories

The Top 20 Stories of 2014


As we reflect on the news and events that helped shape 2014, following are the most-read news stories of the year.

 (1) Seat on Hamilton's Lancaster fetches $79,100                       (2) RCAF’s New Uniforms and Ranks 

 (3) Flights of Fancy at Markham Airport                                        (4) U.S. Navy Drone Wanders Into Cdn Airspace

 (5) French Rival Pitches 'Canadianized' Fighter Jet                      (6) Petition to Stop Cuts to Military Cadet Prgm

 (7) RCAF Bends Minimum Medical Standards                              (8) Lancaster Bomber Sets Off for U.K. Tour    

 (9) Daring Pilots of Cold War Era Gather for Reunion                 (10) RCAF Training Flight Ends with Ejection

 (11) U.S. Fighters Gas Up Courtesy of RCAF Polaris                 (12) Some Weapons RCAF CF-18 Pilots Could Face

 (13) Layoffs at 5 Wing Goose Bay Creating Unease                   (14) Dog Parachute Belongs to RCAF Mascot

 (15) How Gov't Lost its Way on Defence Spending                     (16) Laurie Hawn Responds

 (17) What is Air Force Giving Up in Cyclone Deal                       (18) Why a Single Failing Grounded the F-35

 (19) 'Significant' Savings - Hiring Foreign Pilots                          (20) 8 Wing Expansion Project 

Other Stories From 2014

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 Lockheed Delivers Next Version of F-35 Logistics 

 Government Supports RCAF WWII Memorial Project 

 Air Force Exercise - US - Canada - Russia Cancelled 

 SAREX 2014 Tests Skills of Aircrew and SAR Techs 

 Conservatives Do Away With DND Short-Haul Moving 

 Stripping Museum Planes Defended 

 Search Planes Flying Only on ‘tape, baling wire’ 

 Pictou County ‘aces’ of First World War 

 Government Favours U.S. Fighter Jets Over Europe 

 Nato Aircraft in Summit Flypast 

 Spitfire Replica Unveiled in Essex 

 Russian Military Aircraft Buzzed HMCS Toronto? 

 Veterans Should Transcend Party Politics 

 U.S. Pushes for Missile Defence Sensors in the Arctic 

 Pentagon - Nearing Fix for F-35 Engine: Pratt to Pay 

 120,000 Tonnes of Cargo Transported 

 Canada Talks Tough on Ukraine, but ..... 

 What the US Military Wants for Missile Defence 

 Canadian Jets Move Closer to Russian Territory 

 Lockheed Martin’s F-35 on Steady Path to IOC 

 NORAD Fighter Jets Escort Commercial Aircraft 

 RCAF Training Mission to Romania Completed 

 C-130 Far Outlasts Expectations 

 Cdn Firms Increase Share of Work on F-35 Program 

 No Canadian Boots on the Ground 

 COUNTERPOINT: It’s a Myth Veterans are Mistreated 

 Canada’s Second Thoughts on F-35 Lightning 

 Final Flight - Security Assistance for Ukraine 

 History Continues to Breath Life to Hangar #1 

 New Right-Hand Man Lands at 8 Wing 

 US Bomber Fleet Upgraded 

 Life Story: Maj. Gen. Claude LaFrance 

 Remembering Those Who Did Not Return 

 Gen. Hostage: Manned, Unmanned Mix Needed 

 Military Wants Anti-Missile Defence for PM's Plane 

 Story of Ontario Soldier Killed in Action at 22 

 8 Wing Aircrews Get Training Boost 

 Could Canada Lease P-8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft? 

 CC-150 Polaris Aircraft Upgraded 

 Upgrades to Aurora A/C Put RCAF on Cutting Edge 

 A Red Knight Passes: A Tribute to Bob Hallowell 

 Pilot Lands Jet - No Front Landing Gear 

 Most F-35 Engines Inspected 

 Canada to Enhance Airport Security 

 Still No Word on CF-18 Replacement 

 Colin Kenny: The Case for Missile Defence 

 NP Editorial: Get on Board with Missile Defence 

 Crew from 17 Wing Winnipeg Assists in Search 

 Boeing Delivers Final CH-147F Chinook Helicopter 

 $7.6B Cyclones Lack Key Safety Requirement 

 Canada Has 2nd Chance to Make the Right Choice 

 Photos: CF-18 Flying With Romanian MiG-21s 

 Cyclone Maritime Helicopters Deal Inked 

 80 RCAF Personnel Deploy to Romania 

 Tories Given Green Light for F-35 Jet Decision 

 French Naval Ships in Halifax 

 $100B Defence Spending Plan Laid Out For Industry 

 Only the Best Jet Fighter is Good Enough for RCAF 

 Single-Engine F-35 Jets Too Risky for Military 

 GG's Statement on Canadian Armed Forces Day 

 Defence Minister Nicholson Defends Spending Cuts 

 Harper Won’t Rule Out Joining U.S. Missile Defence 

 Canada's F-35 Acquisition Plans Still Unclear 

 Ottawa Pushed to Boost Benefits for Wounded 

 RCAF Takes to Skies Over Romania re: Ukraine Crisis 

 Billy Bishop – Canada’s First Air Force VC Winner 

 The Hunt for John McLea See follow-up ======> 

 WW II Aircraft and Remains Recovered 

 RCAF SAR Crew Rescues Cruise Ship Passenger 

 Aerospace Firms Square Off for Canada Fighter Jets 

 Sarnia Sabre Golden Hawk Gets a Paint Job 

 Retired RCAF Pilot Helps Keep Military History Alive 

 Commander: RCAF Has New Expeditionary Capability 

 Snowbirds, Grounded 

 Canada’s Military to Remain in Eastern Europe 

 Canada's Largest Ghost Airport to be Demolished 

 CF-18s No Longer Fit Canada’s NATO Pledge 

 RCAF Refines its Expeditionary Capabilities 

 Companies To Decide Where S & R Aircraft Based 

 F-35 Fails Stealth Test 

 What are Canada's CF-18s Doing in Eastern Europe? 

 For US, F-35 Engine Cost Up, Sustainment Down 

 F-35 Will Fly in Britain This Summer 

 F-35 Remains Top Military Replacement Option 

 Key Report on F-35 Rivals Now Complete 

 Ukraine Crisis - Need for Larger Canadian Military 

 Afghan Commemoration Turns Into A Mess 

 NATO Pushing Canada on Arctic 

 Still No Answers On CF-18 Deployment 

 Why is Canada Sending Fighter Jets to Poland? 

 How Survivors Were Rescued in the High Arctic 

 Canada Overhauls Requirements For SAR Aircraft 

 Cyclone Deal Would Allow Sea Kings to be Retired 

 Operation Spring Forward 

 NORAD Launches Northern Flight Training Exercise 

 Canada Doesn’t Need Fighter-Capable Aircraft 

 RCAF -Need Advisor To Deal With Honorary Colonels 

 Arthur McCurdy Looked to the Stars 

 Philippines to Buy Canadian Helicopters 

 Afghanistan War Veteran Proud of Canada's Mission 

 Further Delays Predicted for F-35 Program 

 “A Proud Moment” For 450 Tactical Helicopter Sqn 

 RCAF Receives 10th Chinook 

 Gov't Has No “Social Contract” With Military 

 UK To Spend £2.5 Billion on F-35 Fighters 

 Top Guns Fly RAAF’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighters 

 Money-Saving Move Will Delay CF-18 Replacement 

 To Be Effective, Our Military Must Have More Teeth 

 $3.1B budget cut no problem: DND 

 Magellan Aerospace Highlights F-35 Achievement 

 $35M Military Plane Upgrades - Procurement Delays 

 8 Wing Expansion Project 

 70th Anniversary of D-Day and Battle of Normandy 

 CF Snowbirds Schedule 2014 Released 

 Col. Chris Hadfield to Receive New Honour 

 Canadian Test Pilots Push To The Safest Point 

 Lockheed Sees Huge Potential for Drones 

 Lancaster Bomber to Cross Atlantic for U.K. Tour 

 Why F-35 Is The Wrong Choice for Canada – Part 2 

 Aircraft Makers Anxious for Verdict on F-35 Program 

 Why F-35 Is The Wrong Choice for Canada – Part 1 

 Report Fires at Aimless Canadian Military 

 Pat Stogran To Lewis MacKenzie: Shame On You 

 $35M Upgrades Highlight Procurement Delays 

 Four of Six Challenger Jets At End Of Life 

 Canada Aviation and Space Museum Among Top 

 Defence Procurement Is Not About War 

 U.S. To Test Unmanned Combat Air System Aircraft 

 A Less Ambitious, More Focused Defence Strategy 

 US Air Combat Command's Challenge 

 Lots of Talk About A $20 Million Fighter Jet 

 French Fighter-Jet Maker Pushes Ottawa for Decision 

 Canadian War Graves In Need Of Repair 

 Military Procurement Debate Required 

 DND Briefing Re: Cost, Role of 5 Wing Goose Bay 

 RCAF Fixed Wing S&R Project Moves In Slow Motion 

 Should Canada Opt For Refurbished Sea Kings? 

 Cascade Aerospace - International Horizons 

 Too Big to Cancel? 

 Ottawa Bites Bullet on Sikorsky 

 Canada Yet to Decide Fighter to Replace CF-18 

 Ottawa Won't Scrap Cyclone Chopper Purchase 

 Ottawa Pushes Ahead with Cyclone Chopper Plan 

 Military to Keep S&R Airplanes Flying 

 New Wings Coming to the CAF in 2014 

 2013 Operational Highlights - 1 Canadian Air Division 

 Military Pilot To Be Inducted In Aviation Hall of Fame 

 MPs Shut Out of DND Bases 

 The Myth of Canada as Military Freeloaders 

 Give Credit to Air Force Technicians 

 Retired RCAF Pilot Celebrates 75th Birthday 

 Hamilton’s Lancaster Prepares to Return Home 

 Museum Parts Scandal a ‘Mistake’ 

 Minister’s Office Defends Use of Museum Parts 

 Canada to Ship Ammunition to Iraqi Security Forces 

 Unrest Continues in Canada’s Military Cadets 

 Canadian Fighter Jets Move to Russia’s Doorstep 

 What is Hypoxia -- and Why Does it Affect Pilots? 

 Mobile Laser Weapon Tested Against Aerial Targets 

 McKennitt Named Honorary Colonel of RCAF 

 Cormorant Helicopter and SAR Techs Help in Rescue 

 DND Scientists Return From Arctic After Testing 

 Cold War Navy Pilots Honoured on Cypress 

 Hamilton’s Lancaster Back in the Air 

 Canadian Relief Supplies Going to Iraq - RCAF 

 RAF Hand Over Baltic Air Policing Mission to RCAF 

 DND Brass Do Nothing in Face of Warning 

 Air Force Enlists 3D Printing for Rocket Engines 

 No Engine? No Problem for Aerobatics Expert 

 Canada's ATF Completes Mission in Romania 

 RCAF to Raise WW-II Aircraft Found in Lake Muskoka 

 Two Challengers Kept Airborne - VIP Scheduling 

 Change of Command 8 AMS Trenton 

 RCAF to Acquire Systems to Protect CP-140 

 RCAF to Transport Military Equipment Into Iraq 

 RCAF Asks: Do We Need Different Drones? 

 U.S. Air Force Graduates First F-35 Crew Chiefs 

 Canadian Veteran battling PTSD 

 Cascade Seeks More Hercules Support Deals 

 Spy Plane Program Ditched 

 Astronaut Learns to Fly Helicopters? 

 Whatever Became of Pilot Thomas Bindermann? 

 RCAF Griffon & Hercules Rescue Injured Hiker 

 CP-140 Aurora Surveillance - Manitoba Flooding 

 Unmanned Chopper Lifted Millions in Afghan Mission

 World's Biggest Airport: Gander 

 The 12-minute RCAF Exercise Regime 

 Alberta unveils new CAF licence plate 

 Former Colchester Man Soars to New Heights 

 Danforth Tech Air Cadet Accepted to Program 

 Air Force Veteran Returns To The Skies 

 Regional Pilot To Be Commemorated In France 

 Vintage War Plane on Display in Airdrie 

 CIA 'It Was Us' on Norway's 1950s UFO Sightings 

 Explorers find USAF plane That Crashed In 1952 

 Buy of Battlefield Helicopters Comes to an End 

 Priming JSFs For Transatlantic Trip 

 Air Force Chopping Two Challengers from Fleet 

 Canadians Deserve Missile Defences 

 Thunderbirds Spread Wings for New CO 

 RCAF to Cooperate in Responding to Disasters 

 New Commander to Take Over at Southport 

 Canadian Lawmakers Push For Part in US BMD 

 Restoration of Cold War Fighter Jet Underway 

 Oversight Panel on CF-18 Replacement Has Its Say 

 Voodoo on the Move 

 Air Cadets Celebrate 60 years in Portage 

 RCAF’s Newest S&R Techs Join the Ranks 

 Air Force Pushed Feds for Transport Plane 

 Feds Expected Sole-Source Coast Guard Chopper 

 Decision on Replacing Jet Fighters May Come Soon 

 Boaters rescued by RCAF S&R crew near Sooke 

 Pilots Call for Tougher Measures re-Laser-Pointing 

 Air Force Vet Meets Missing Friend's Family 

 RCAF Crews Involved in Yet Another Rescue 

 F-35 Flies In Formation With Two RAF Typhoons 

 ‘A God’s Eye View Of The Battlefield:’ 

 F-35 Decision Coming This Week? 

 Air Cadets Soar at 72nd Annual Ceremonial Review 

 Lots to do at RCAF Memorial 

 8 Wing Flies Top Military Exercise 

 RCAF To Look To Universities And Industry 

 Vintage Wings Postpones 2014 Airshow 

 Ad Astra Stone Program for SE Asia Casualties 

 F-35 or SuperHornet? 

 Photos: RCAF In Action In Peru 

 RCAF Cormorant Flies Over Peru 

 DND Examines Costs of Improved 24-7 S & R 

 Canadian CF-18 Jets Deploy to Romania 

 Air Force Researchers Test Google Glass 

 F-35 Costs at Least $10-Billion Higher 

 Tough Choices for Our Military 

 CF-18s Head to Romania Amid 'Uncertainty' 

 U-2 Outlasts Cold War, But Defence Cuts Threaten 

 The Cyclone Helicopter Mystery Deal Continues 

 Cost to Buy F-35 Up 2% - to Operate Down 9% 

 Opposition Wants More Details on CF-18 Deployment 

 Ottawa Uses Quebec Model for Aerospace Industry 

 Australia - 58 More F-35s At A Cost of $12 Billion 

 RCAF Cormorant Unloaded At Peru Airport From C-17 

 RCAF Uses Systems For Small Arms Training 

 MoD Looks at Giant Patrol Drone to Replace Nimrod 

 F-35 Decision Back in Government’s Court 

 Memorial Fly-By in Owen Sound to Honour Airmen 

 Tribute Planned to Honour Vets 

 Canadian Pilot Helps in Search for Lost Jetliner 

 Far Removed From Reality 

 Replacement for Aurora Aircraft Unaffordable 

 Troops Home From Afghanistan - Portraits of Honour 

 Cdn Company Brings Robotic Aviation to Market 

 MacDonald, Dettwiler Sign Deal For Radar Systems 

 Cliff Beeler Was A Spy 

 USAF Fires 9 Commanders in Nuke Scandal 

 RCAF Rewrites Rules After Fatal Arctic Rescue 

 Inept Recruiting System Costing Canadian Forces 

 $548M In Fixes To Keep Auroras Flying Until 2030 

 Olympian and Air Force Vet Andrew Gilpin Dead at 93 

 High Flying Event Encourages Girls To Soar 

 US General’s Comment Clouds Viability of F-35 

 Canada's Move Will Delay CF-18 Replacement 

 Nicholson to Oversee Major Defence Cuts 

 Final Upgraded CF-18 Delivered 

 US Air Combat Command's Challenge 

 Peter MacKay Says Vets Will See Increase In Service

 4 Challenger Jets At The End Of Their Service Life 

 BC Gov't Commits To Growing Aerospace Sector 

 Construction delays in Petawawa 

 Sikorsky Humanitarian Award 

 Canada’s path to the Stars Began With Silver Dart 

 RCAF, Seneca College Accelerate Pilot Training 

 Interim Defence Analytics Institute 

 Boeing, L-3 MAS Complete CF-18 Modernization 

 Feds to Keep Aurora Fleet Flying 

 Plan to Mark World Wars has DND Wary of Spending

 ‘Honour’ Brought to Suicide: General 

 Gov't Announces Plan For Our Future In Space 

 Senior Appointments and Promotions 

 James Moore Releases Details of Space Policy 

 Peter MacKay - Vets Will See Increase In Service 

 Lockheed Launches Civil Version of C-130J 

 London Native Celebrates Olympic Gold Hockey 

 F-35 Controversy Back on Horizon for Tories 

 Jet-Maker Slashes 1,700 Jobs 

 Pentagon Report Faults F-35 on Software, Reliability

 Civilian Participation In Arctic S&R Expanded 

 Canadian JSF Group to Conduct F-35 Open Forum 

 Fred Moore to be Inducted into Aviation Hall of Fame 

 19 Wing Helicopter Crew Rescues Injured Hiker 

 Remains of Missing Warplane Found 

 22 Wing/CFB North Bay Recognized By NORAD 

 Peter MacKay Defends Chopper Deal 

 Time to Abolish [the US] Air Force 

 Stephenson: Chopper Announcement Disgraceful2013
 Germany’s Canadian Prisoners 

 RCAF Humble Heroes in Kingston Fire Rescue 

 Real Story of Chopper Deal May Never Be Told 

 Bombardier Snags Jet Order With American Airlines 

 Air Canada Orders 61 Boeing 737 MAX Jets 

 Putin - Russian Military to Boost Arctic Presence 

 Canadian General Builds Alliances 

 Changes in RCAF Rank Structure in 2014 

 Canadian Pilot Protects Washington's Skies 

 Bazalgette Highlighted in Tribute to Canadian Airmen 

 NORAD Air Training Over Labrador, Nova Scotia 

 Remembrance Day: Too Little Too Late for Veterans? 

 Snowbirds to Keep Flying - Future Being Studied 

 RCAF Exercises Expeditionary Capability 

 Flying Veterinarian and Historian Will Be Missed 

 RCAF to Send Scarce S&R A/C to Peru for Exercises 

 Aid for the Philippines Continues 

 Canada to Deploy 2nd Plane to Aid Philippines 

 Canadians Mark Remembrance Day 

 Search & Rescue Plane Soars Over City 

 NATO In Canada - 200,000 Hours On Harvard Aircraft 

 Government Expected to Give Sikorsky Another Shot 

 Canada Plans to Mark 100th Anniversary of WW1 

 Updates on the F-35 Program 

 Aviation Execs Seek Open Competition 

 F-35 Suppliers Cautiously Optimistic 

 Gov't Must Avoid Plunging Cdn Forces Into Darkness 

 WW2 Bomber Fighting for Survival in New Brunswick 

 DND Looks to Cut Costs - Faces Tough Decisions 

 F-35 Lightning II Program passes 10K Flight Hours 

 Snowbirds Save the Day 

 Golden Hawks Tribute 

 Stayner Resident Receives BC Clasp 

 Ad Astra Dedication 

 New Aircraft for Military? 

 Veterans Ombudsman To Release Report 

 Cdn Satellite on Mission to Study Space Weather 

 Space Agency's New Face Lands 

 Lockheed Martin Names Former RCAF Commander 

 Princess Anne to Spend Four Days in Ontario 

 South Korea Dumps Boeing Fighter Jet Tender 

 Honouring ‘the few’ from the Battle of Britain 

 Cold War Plane Unveiled at Alberta Aviation Museum 

 Sea Kings' Possible Replacement Familiar 

 Battle of Britain Parades 2013 

 BGen W Don MacNamara - 2013 Vimy Award Winner 

 Billie is a Believer in the F-35 

 Sweet 16 and Flying High 

 Independent Review - F-35s Could Cost $20 Million+ 

 Canada Presents First Bomber Command Bars 

 Canadian Forces Help In Rescuing Stranded Hunters 

 New Commander for Canadian Forces Base Borden 

 Bells Toll for Sea King Crew Members Who Died 

 The Government’s Defence Strategy is Sound 

 SpaceX Wins Bid to Launch Canadian Radar Satellites 

 Adventures and Mishaps From 50 Years of Sea Kings 

 What's the Future for Canada’s Military Procurement? 
 Canada Refuses To Accept Sikorsky Helos 

 New Minister of Veterans Affairs 

 Sea King Choppers Could Retire Sooner 

 Military Project Costs a 'Secret' 

 Canada’s Military Heritage 

 Army Restoring Old Insignias, Ranks 

 Memorial Honours Afghanistan Dead 

 Asiana Flight 777 

 Comox Air Show and Snowbirds 

 Air Cadets and Vintage Planes 

 Air Cadet Summer Training 

 Air Cadet Medal of Honour Presentation 

 First Lockheed Martin F-35C Reports to the Navy 

 F-35 Maker Signs Training Deal With Canada's CAE 

 Change of Command - Borden 

 RCAF Pilot Assigned To Protect Skies Over D.C. 

 DND Plan for Goose Bay 

 Air Force Brass Say Air-to-Air Refuelling ‘Critical’ 

 Barrie Made History Yet Again 

 Convoluted Story of Avro Arrow 

 X-51A Waverider Vehicle Reaches Mach 5.1 

 Opposition: Broken Procurement System 

 Bruising Report No Surprise to S&R group 

 AG: S & R Capability Rapidly Crumbling 

 AG says S & R System at Breaking Point 

 Canada's S & R in Fragile State, Auditor Finds 

 RCN, RCAF, USAF, USCG Joint S & R Exercise 

 Norway To Buy Six F-35s in 2017 and More 

 Eight F-35s Fly Training Mission 

 The Shape of Wings to Come? 

 Software Problems Could Delay F-35 Delivery 

 EU Aerospace Firms Bound for Montreal 

 City's Newest Street Honours Bomber Vet 

 Important Message for Bomber Command Veterans 

 DND Reasons for Move to ex-Nortel Site 

 Ice landing: Still Capable After 30 Years 

 More Problems Cited in F-35 JSF Program 

 RCAF Celebrates 89 Years of Service 

 Bye Bye SR-71 Blackbird 

 RCAF Eyes Drones for Maritime and Arctic Patrols 

 Canada’s Bomber Command Memorial Wall 

 Walter Peters - Canada’s First Black Jet Fighter Pilot 

 Action Plan 2013 Delivers for Canadian Aerospace 

 Expensive F-35 At Risk of Budget "Death Spiral" 

 As F-35 Costs Soar, Boeing Enters the Fray 

 Denmark Relaunches Fighter Jet Competition 

 F-35 Fighter Jet By The Numbers 

 MacKay Says Defence Dep't Not To Blame In Delay 

 AFAC Warns of Degradation of C41SR Capabilities 

 Industry Evaluation to Replace Canada’s CF-18 Fleet 

 Budget Cuts Ground USAF Thunderbirds 

 Army to Scale Back Arctic Operations - Budget Cuts 

 Cut With Care on Defence 

 Pentagon F-35 Chief Lashes Lockheed, Pratt 

 Air Force Chief Stands By Aging Sea King Helicopters 

 Tiny Satellites Carry Canadian Hopes into Space 

 Top Soldier Warns Spending Cuts Coming Soon 

 Canada to Update Defence Strategy 

 Canadian Sapphire Satellite is Successfully Launched 

 Five Barrie Air Cadets promoted to Warrant Officer 

 Commander Defends The Sea King Helicopter 

 50-year Sea King Saga Not So Golden 

 Feds Plan $1.8 Billion Contract for Goose Bay 

 450 British UAVs Lost In Afghanistan And Iraq 

 New Procurement Plan Comes $490B After the Fact 

 Paying Homage To An Aviation Workhorse 

 Report Touts Canada As Arms Maker 

 Senior Ranks of Canadian Military Get Makeover 

 Future Canadian Fighter Jocks to Split Training Time 

 Program Officer Visits F-35 Testing Facility 

 Pentagon Lowers F-35 Performance Bar 

 Official Bomber Command Memorial Book 

 Inside the F-35 

 Lockheed Martin’s Update on F-35 Progress 

 Demonization of Stealth 

 F35 Lacks "Maturity" 

 Aerospace Industries Association of Canada Summit 

 The Case for A CF Gripen Fighter Aircraft - Part 2 

 Think Outside the Box When Replacing Search Planes 

 F-18 Engine Malfunction Contributed To Crash 

 Military Flying Planes with Fake Parts 

 Government Needs To Purchase Additional C-17s 

 Vanguard Magazine - January 2013 

 424 Transport / Rescue Sqn Rescued Crane Operator 

 408 Helicopter Squadron Returns from Philippines 

 Americans Fly Global Hawk in Canadian Airspace 

 Deployable Fast-Time Analysis Systems 

 SAR Techs Receive Medals Of Bravery 

 Edmonton Brothers Interest in Ex-Military Aircraft 

 Canadians Help Make World a Safer Place 

 Slightly More Benefits Would Flow From F-35 Deal 

 Canada May Buy Fleet of Armed Drones 

 Cadets Looking For A New Home 

 Local Grad Takes Flight in RCAF 

 RCAF Kicks Off Serpentex 2013 

 Pilot For The 2014 CF-18 Demonstration Team 

 Memento Returned to Family of RCAF Navigator 

 Supporting Veterans and their Families 

 Canadian Armed Forces Joins U.S. Counterparts 

 17 Wing Receives Donated Bristol Bolingbroke Mk IV

 Remembering Peace 

 Injured CF members Could Be Front Of The Jobs Line 

 CF Ombudsman Finds Opportunities Lacking 

 Canadian Armed Forces Provide Airlift Support to UN

 Wartime Air Crew Stories Worth Preserving 

 Hold On, Young Man 

 27 Squadron RCAC Say Thank You 

 Canada Eyes Defence Procurement Overhaul 

 Snowbirds to Keep Name Despite Complaint 

 F-35 Fighter Jet Program Cancels Alternate Helmet 

 U.S. Shutdown Has Limited Impact on Canada 

 CF Medical Service Adds “Royal” To Its Name 

 Rockwell Collins Highlights Avionics System 

 First F-35 for Australia Takes Shape in Fort Worth 

 Official Met with Cyclone Rivals 

 Boeing Delivers 5th CH-147F Chinook Helicopter 

 Cost of F-35A Model – $113 Million Each 

 Conservatives Face Pressure - Overhaul Charter 

 Bombardier C Series Jet Completes Maiden Flight 

 Lockheed - Backing Out of F-35 Will Cost Canada 

 F-16 Fighter Flies For First Time Without A Pilot 

 Lockheed Martin Names Former RCAF Commander 

 Increased Costs for a Canadian F-35? 

 Canada 'just can’t get around' Army cuts, Hillier says 

 Canada Looks at Royal Navy Choppers 

 Bomber Command Veterans Reunited After 68 Years

 Boeing Demonstrates Advanced Super Hornet 

 16 Wing Bids Farewell to Sgt Debbie Labrecque 

 Silver Dart Replica Helps Tourism Soar 

 Princess Alice in Royal Canadian Air Force Uniform 

 Goose Bay Wx Station - Ops Will Not Be Reduced 

 The Survivors of Bomber Command 

 Probe of Military Support Units Begins 

 Memories of Dieppe Difficult for Canadian Veteran 

 Defence Policy in Canada - Strong. Proud. Ready? 

 Air Cadet Flies in Vintage Second World War Plane 

 Air Force to Begin Training on New Cyclone Choppers 

 F-35 Price Cut in Offing with New Deal 

 Air Force Helicopter Rescues Climber 

 Airport Asphalt Gives Way Under Hercules Plane 

 Veterans Are Not Just Regular Retirees 

 Air Force Clears Sea Kings to Fly After Grounding 

 Defending Viking Air's New Generation Buffalo 

 Symbolic Military Gestures Only Mean So Much 

 RCAF Could Be Next to go Retro 

 Cadets to Glide the Skies 

 Museum of Flight Newsletter 

 Sea King Replacements 

 Retired General Announced as New Principal at RMC 

 National Air Force Museum Opens Mezzanine 

 PM Statement on Armed Forces Day 

 CDS Guidance to Canadian Armed Forces 

 Gen. Walter Natynczyk to Head Space Agency 

 Canada Welcomes Forces to Exercise Maple Flag 46 

 CAF Helping Albertans Respond to Floods 

 Garbage Journalism 

 Bomber Command Memorial Graffiti 

 RCN and RCAF Join USCG and USAF For S&R Exercise

 Cuts To Air Cadet Program Still Under Consideration 

 Arab States Look to Strip Canada of UN Agency 

 Delay in Replacing S&R Aircraft Under Fire 

 Search Plane Purchase Delay Sparks Bickerng 

 S & R Purchase Delay Causes Tory Infighting 

 S & R Plagued by Shoddy, Outdated Equipment: AG 

 Old Planes, Short Staff Threaten Future of S & R 

 Jet Costs Stay Grounded 

 Air Cadet Glider Program Hit By Cuts? 

 Affordability Remains Priority for the F-35 Program 

 National Defence Expected to Lose Some F-35s 

 RCAF Snowbirds Head To California 

 The Real Story of Canada and BMD 

 Canada Not Asked to Join Missile Shield, U.S. Says 

 Canada Asked to Join Missile Shield 

 Rescues Two People Off The Coast of Newfoundland 

 Bomber Command Bar Unveiled in Ottawa 

 Canadian Forces Arctic Exercise 

 Task Force Iceland 

 F-35 Completes Airborne Weapons Separations 

 Defence Defies Free-Market Ideals 

 CF-18s To Patrol Iceland’s Airspace 

 Military Has No Fat Left To Cut 

 Legion Gets Traction for Veterans in Budget 

 Dutch Orders For F-35 Likely to be Scaled Back 

 All Options Looked at in Replacing CF-18s 

 Bad News For Canada if U.S. Cuts F-35 Order 

 How Broken is Military Procurement? 

 U.S. Mulls Missile Defences Near Ottawa 

 Canadian Forces Quietly Get a New, Tougher Name 

 Arctic Space Programs Need Help 

 Bomber Command Clasp Funding Support 

 What Will Replace the RCAF's CF-18 Hornet? 

 Canada and Sikorsky Still Circling on Cyclone 

 Joint Strike Fighter Is Way of the Future 

 Military Losing As Much 'Teeth' as 'Tail' in Budget 

 Defence to Bear Brunt of Budget Cuts 

 Finding The “Buried” Spitfires In Burma? 

 Defence department declares war on spending 

 Pentagon Grounds F-35s After Crack Found in Engine 

 Launch of New Canadian Surveillance Satellite 

 A Fighting Chance to Survive 

 Andrew Coyne: Pork-Barrel Happy Report 

 MPs Consider Using Blimps to Reach Remote Sites 

 Canada Extends C-17 Mission to Mali by 30 Days 

 How to Build a ‘Canada First’ Industrial Strategy 

 Ottawa Urged to Buy Canadian 

 Helicopter Deal on Shaky Ground 

 Defence Buys Should Focus on Building Industry 

 CF Senior Promotions and Appointments 

 Defence Sweeps Out Senior Officers 

 Iran Unveils New Fighter Jet 

 Public Works Writes to Fighter Jet Makers 

 CF Short-Term Aid to Malian Military 

 RCAF Aircraft Debate Missing Key Point 

 Boeing's Non-Lethal CHAMP Missiles 

 Vulcan to the Falklands (45 minute video) 

 Turkey Postpones F-35 Order 

 Yellow Wings 2013 

 Canada's F-35 Program Problems Multiply 

 Canada's F-35 in Danger of Falling Off U.S. Fiscal Cliff 

 Canadian Forces Aircraft: Made in China 

 RADARSAT Constellation mission going ahead 

 Last Post Fund - The Bugler - December 2012 

 Vet Ombudsman - ID Card - Ex-RCMP 


 F-35 Still Best Option 

 Feds Told Truth on F-35 

 Flying the Boeing 787 

 Canadian Space Industry Faces Brain Drain 

 Conservatives Kept Abreast of All F-35 Problems 

 Canada Needs New Satellite Eyes 

 Bombardier Signs $7.8 Billion Jet Deal 

 Government Seeking F35 Alternatives 

 Sea King Emergency Landing 

 Canada to Review CF18 Replace Options 

 China Lands Fighter on First Aircraft Carrier 

 F-35 Updates 

 F-35 Updates - 2 

 F-35 and the Future of Canadian Security 

 Lt.-Gen. Lawson succeeds Gen. Natynczyk 

 DND Spent $156,000 On Military Pension Issue 

 Interview with Canadian Billie Flynn, F-35 test pilot 

 DND says head of air force misspoke on F-35 options 

 Canada might purchase two types of S&R aircraft 

 DND warns clock ticking on satellite 

 Cormorant Hits Milestones of Service 

 Barrie Veteran Ready to Ship Out 

 New Base Borden Commander 

 Borden Air Show - June 9-10/2012 

 Satellites and F-35s 

 And Even More on the F35 

 Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre 

 F35, Arctic and SAR 

 Vets, $$$, S&R, Drones 

 Donation to Bomber Command Memorial 

 Pilots, Challengers and the F-35 

 The 5G Argument (F35 JSF) 

 Gov't Will Get Best Value for Tax Dollars 

 God Speed Chris Hadfield 

 CAE Introduces Next Generation Synthetic

 Fixed Wing Search and Rescue Procurement 

 Military Future For Goose Bay 

 Feds Consider Retiring 4 of 6 Challengers 

 3 Cdn Forces SAR Techs Receive Bravery Awards 

 Gov't to Make Way for Military at Goose Bay 

 F35 Audit 

 US DoD Updates Space Policy - Canadian Forces

 First Russian Air Force SU-30 Fighters 

 Danish Military To Meet Lockheed, Boeing Over
    Fighter Replacement 

 Memorial Ribbon Announcement 

 New Defence Chief takes helm 

 Gov't plans independent review of F-35 purchase

 F-35A Test Aircraft Releases AIM-120 AMRAAM 

 F-35A - First In-Flight Release Of A Weapon 

 Minister MacKay Officially Marks Departure of the
    Canadian Sapphire Satellite 

 Send-Off Planned for DND’s Satellite 

 Pentagon Should Investigate Fighter Option 

 New RCAF Commander Announced 

 Veterans' Club - First Woman President 

 Bomber Command Vet to Attend Memorial 

 And More F-35 

 C-130 and F-35 (including flight test video) 

 Battle of the Atlantic - May 6, 2012 

 Even More on the F35 

 Choppers, Arctic, F-35 and Pilots 

 More on the F35 

 F-35 Status 

 Drones and Fighters 

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